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Dear Governor Newsom and members of the California State Legislature:

We urge you to pass legislation to remove all of the “El Camino Real” mission bell markers from state highways and other lands within the jurisdiction of the state of California. As symbols of the domination and enslavement of Indigenous peoples in the California mission system, these bells do not belong on public display.

El Camino Real bell markers were installed over the past century to boost tourism and promote a fanciful, inaccurate and racist interpretation of mission history. Towering above public roads traveled by millions of Californians, these painful monuments glorify the Spanish mission system that sought to eliminate Native American cultures, spiritual practices and ways of life.

California’s missions led directly to the deaths of about 100,000 Indigenous people and were places of immense suffering and rampant abuse. Today’s California tribes that survived the missions—and subsequent Mexican and American colonization—continue to experience the impacts of historical trauma and most remain landless within their own territories.

Please honor the requests of tribal leaders by requiring that Caltrans, California State Parks, and other state agencies take immediate action to remove these harmful bell markers from public property. As a step towards addressing the damage caused by California’s legacy of installing and maintaining these symbols, please establish a process for consulting with tribal representatives regarding new truth-telling historical markers, signs and other initiatives honoring California’s Indigenous peoples.

Upon signing this petition, an email will be sent to Governor Newsom’s office.

Latest Signatures
1,048 Eva B. Mission , Ca Jun 03, 2023
1,047 Briana H. Orange, CA Jun 03, 2023
1,046 Karina D. Encino, CA Jun 03, 2023
1,045 Brianna M. Whittier, Ca Jun 03, 2023
1,044 Roland P. Whittier, CA May 31, 2023
1,043 Chris A. Long Beach , California May 31, 2023
1,042 Nick H. Winnetka, CA May 31, 2023
1,041 Emmanuel G. Reseda, Ca May 31, 2023
1,040 Madisyn L. Gallup, New Mexico May 28, 2023
1,039 Diana R. Santa Ana, CA May 28, 2023
1,038 Paola R. Santa Ana, CA May 28, 2023
1,037 Ismael A. Santa Ana, CA May 28, 2023
1,036 Lendy R. Santa Ana , Ca May 28, 2023
1,035 Jose F. Los angeles, Ca May 28, 2023
1,034 Maria C. Santana, Ca May 27, 2023
1,033 Mariano C. Mission viejo , Ca Remove the bells that,the colonits brightbthisbpain to our men and women. May 27, 2023
1,032 Lluvia L. San juan capistrano , Ca May 27, 2023
1,031 Luis A. Riverside, Ca Put them in museums and remove them all it's allot of pain and teuama to our women and men that have been raped and sexually mulested by the colonists colonizers thank you respectfully. May 26, 2023
1,030 Jimmy H. Anaheim CA , Ca May 25, 2023
1,029 Celeste T. Santa Ana , CA May 20, 2023
1,028 Celina O. Anaheim , CA May 20, 2023
1,027 Valeria E. Santa Ana, CA May 20, 2023
1,026 Theresa O. San Diego, California May 19, 2023
1,025 Linda B. Clearwater, FL May 16, 2023
1,024 Savannah S. Los angeles , CA May 13, 2023
1,023 Adam M. Fullerton , Ca May 11, 2023
1,022 James M. May 10, 2023
1,021 Mike M. San Diego , Ca The bells are a death knoll for many indigenous people Apr 23, 2023
1,020 Freddy R. San Diego , Ca Apr 23, 2023
1,019 Jesus M. San Diego , Ca .... the monad was here. Apr 22, 2023
1,018 Roberto C. El Cajon, CA Apr 22, 2023
1,017 justine m. Apr 22, 2023
1,016 Bernard K. san diego, CA Apr 22, 2023
1,015 Reuben A. Anaheim , California Apr 21, 2023
1,014 Shantay P. Anaheim, California Apr 21, 2023
1,013 Natalia O. Anaheim, California Apr 21, 2023
1,012 JOSEPH R. FULLERTON , CA Jaguar Prophecy Apr 21, 2023
1,011 Sergio R. Los Ángeles , California Apr 21, 2023
1,010 Larry S. Lake Forest , Ca Help us understand and yes I'm white and Cherokee and we support this d and native Americans in California to change the perspective and no more colonists and the Lord said so. Apr 20, 2023
1,009 Aaron C. Orange, California Acjachemem Thank You for listening. Peace. Apr 17, 2023
1,008 Ethan M. Pacoima, California Apr 16, 2023
1,007 Gabriela H. Pasadena, CA It’s time for this to go! Apr 15, 2023
1,006 Kevine E. Los Angeles, California We are still here! Apr 15, 2023
1,005 karol o. Los Angeles, CA Remove the murder bells, respect the people of this land Apr 15, 2023
1,004 Darien P. Redlands, CA Apr 15, 2023
1,003 Thao F. San Diego, CA Apr 06, 2023
1,002 Sharon C. Escondido, CA The truth about the genocide of our ancestors in the mission system must be common knowledge. It's time to stop glorifying the missions. Remove the bells! Apr 06, 2023
1,001 mercedes p. merced, CA we deserve to have spaces that honor our history and lives Apr 01, 2023
1,000 Sebastian C. Atwater, CA Remove the bells!!!! Apr 01, 2023
999 John W. Merced, Ca Apr 01, 2023

When the Mission Bells Rang — A children's book written by Judith Scott in consultation with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. Available now in print and PDF versions!

"Instruments of Colonization" Podcast Check out this special 25-minute podcast episode about El Camino Real bells from Challenging Colonialism podcasts. Available free at Apple Podcasts, other podcast platforms, or as a mp3 at Indybay.

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