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Dear Governor Newsom and members of the California State Legislature:

We urge you to pass legislation to remove all of the “El Camino Real” mission bell markers from state highways and other lands within the jurisdiction of the state of California. As symbols of the domination and enslavement of Indigenous peoples in the California mission system, these bells do not belong on public display.

El Camino Real bell markers were installed over the past century to boost tourism and promote a fanciful, inaccurate and racist interpretation of mission history. Towering above public roads traveled by millions of Californians, these painful monuments glorify the Spanish mission system that sought to eliminate Native American cultures, spiritual practices and ways of life.

California’s missions led directly to the deaths of about 100,000 Indigenous people and were places of immense suffering and rampant abuse. Today’s California tribes that survived the missions—and subsequent Mexican and American colonization—continue to experience the impacts of historical trauma and most remain landless within their own territories.

Please honor the requests of tribal leaders by requiring that Caltrans, California State Parks, and other state agencies take immediate action to remove these harmful bell markers from public property. As a step towards addressing the damage caused by California’s legacy of installing and maintaining these symbols, please establish a process for consulting with tribal representatives regarding new truth-telling historical markers, signs and other initiatives honoring California’s Indigenous peoples.

Upon signing this petition, an email will be sent to Governor Newsom’s office.

Latest Signatures
816 Cynthia B. RIVERSIDE , CA. 92504 Feb 08, 2023
815 John O. Orange , CA Feb 08, 2023
814 Freddy E. Cudahy, CA Feb 08, 2023
813 nadia c. rancho cucamonga, ca we are on turtle island Feb 07, 2023
812 Yolanda R. Santa ana, Ca Feb 06, 2023
811 Salvador L. Santa Ana, Ca Feb 06, 2023
810 Maritza B. Anaheim, CA Feb 06, 2023
809 Jose Luis C. Fresno, Ca. Feb 06, 2023
808 Ruby S. Hawthorne , Ca Feb 05, 2023
807 Jesse M P. Bakersfield , Ca I’m Native American Mexica/Apache Feb 05, 2023
806 Manuel R. Watsonville , California Feb 05, 2023
805 Leticia R. Sparks, NV A part of healing is being hindered by continuing to allow the markers of massacres that have been left behind as symbols of racism to our peoples. REMOVE THE BELLS. DON'T JUST SUPPORT OUR PEOPLE WHEN IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR VOTES. SUPPORT US ALWAYS Feb 05, 2023
804 Adan P. Redondo Beach , California Feb 05, 2023
803 Elisa C. CA. Feb 05, 2023
802 Diane B. Huntington Beach, Ca Feb 05, 2023
801 Citlali A. Anaheim, Ca Feb 05, 2023
800 Veronika D. Anaheim , Ca Feb 05, 2023
799 Java R. Anaheim , Ca Feb 05, 2023
798 Cascada W. Anaheim , Ca Feb 05, 2023
797 Amirah G. Santa Ana, Ca Feb 05, 2023
796 Yvette H. Perris, Ca Feb 05, 2023
795 nora C. Feb 05, 2023
794 Edgar C. Feb 05, 2023
793 Evelyn G. Anaheim, Ca Feb 05, 2023
792 Harold M. Anaheim , Ca Feb 05, 2023
791 Adrian M. Ca Feb 05, 2023
790 Jimmy A. Ca Feb 05, 2023
789 Luez C. Ca Feb 05, 2023
788 Ramon E. Ca Feb 05, 2023
787 Jessica M. Ca Feb 05, 2023
786 Jose S. Ca Feb 05, 2023
785 Victoria G. Ca Feb 05, 2023
784 Erik R. Anaheim, Ca Feb 05, 2023
783 Eagle R. Long Beach, Ca Feb 05, 2023
782 Senta B. Anaheim, Ca Remove this or we will remove them ourselves you Americans have taken everything fr us and th one way you can do.this apology is taking down this bells and put a plaque and history statue of what really happened. Feb 05, 2023
781 Carla T. Amaheim, Ca I'm a women and native first peoples and these bells are part of our historical trua take them down. Feb 05, 2023
780 Abel H. Anaheim, Ca I'm signing because these 21 missions and bells must come down because they represent the killing of amd.eslavement of the originals pepoles of California. Feb 05, 2023
779 Arial H. Anaheim, Ca There going to come down these bells represent white Feb 05, 2023
778 Stogie A. Anaheim, Ca We wonder when these bells will come down it's been long over due now take the don! Feb 05, 2023
777 Dama M. Anaheim, Ca Here the clappers and the ancient voices saying take down these bells( Feb 05, 2023
776 Valarie R. Anaheim, Ca Laters to these bells must come down. Feb 05, 2023
775 Lisa B. Anaheim, Ca Feb 05, 2023
774 Brown V. Anaheim, Ca Removed 2 plus 503 more. Feb 05, 2023
773 Stogie R. Anaheim, Ca Feb 05, 2023
772 Cerda B. Anaheim, Ca Let's say later to this bells and bring my new native old ancient statues. Feb 05, 2023
771 Kaya Z. Anaheim , Ca Let's all take them down! Feb 05, 2023
770 Lance G. Anaheim, Ca Let's get rid of these bells. Feb 05, 2023
769 Jorge G. Simi, Ca Feb 05, 2023
768 Angelia M. Oakland, ca Feb 05, 2023
767 Tezkatlipoka G. Yuma, AZ Feb 05, 2023

When the Mission Bells Rang — A children's book written by Judith Scott in consultation with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. Available now in print and PDF versions!

"Instruments of Colonization" Podcast Check out this special 25-minute podcast episode about El Camino Real bells from Challenging Colonialism podcasts. Available free at Apple Podcasts, other podcast platforms, or as a mp3 at Indybay.

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