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Dear Governor Newsom and members of the California State Legislature:

We urge you to pass legislation to remove all of the “El Camino Real” mission bell markers from state highways and other lands within the jurisdiction of the state of California. As symbols of the domination and enslavement of Indigenous peoples in the California mission system, these bells do not belong on public display.

El Camino Real bell markers were installed over the past century to boost tourism and promote a fanciful, inaccurate and racist interpretation of mission history. Towering above public roads traveled by millions of Californians, these painful monuments glorify the Spanish mission system that sought to eliminate Native American cultures, spiritual practices and ways of life.

California’s missions led directly to the deaths of about 100,000 Indigenous people and were places of immense suffering and rampant abuse. Today’s California tribes that survived the missions—and subsequent Mexican and American colonization—continue to experience the impacts of historical trauma and most remain landless within their own territories.

Please honor the requests of tribal leaders by requiring that Caltrans, California State Parks, and other state agencies take immediate action to remove these harmful bell markers from public property. As a step towards addressing the damage caused by California’s legacy of installing and maintaining these symbols, please establish a process for consulting with tribal representatives regarding new truth-telling historical markers, signs and other initiatives honoring California’s Indigenous peoples.

Upon signing this petition, an email will be sent to Governor Newsom’s office.

Latest Signatures
257 Veronica G. San Pedro, CA Oct 01, 2022
256 mazatl t. anaheim, ca decolonize the anaheim colonist sppanish conquistadore bells on anaheim blvd and vermont st by the in from of the anaheim white house and the bell 2 on south st and also on center st ! Sep 29, 2022
255 Krista M. Santa Cruz, CA Sep 20, 2022
254 Samuel F. Anaheim , Ca Sep 18, 2022
253 Heron C. Compton , Ca Sep 10, 2022
252 marcela p. Santa Ana, ca Sep 08, 2022
251 Rick S. Riverside , Ca Remove those genocidal markers Sep 08, 2022
250 Mike C. Temple City, CA Sep 08, 2022
249 John M. Lomita, ca Sep 07, 2022
248 Stephen S. Camarillo, CA I am a lineal descendent of the Coast Miwoks of Marin County. The bells need to be removed through State legislation. Sep 06, 2022
247 Carissa P. Wood Lake, MN Sep 04, 2022
246 Mazatl T. Anaheim, Ca Take down the colonists Spanish bells in the down colony area in down town Anaheim and Anaheim is stolen land of the original Gabrilenos Tongvas Sep 04, 2022
245 Schnittjer J. Delhi , Iowa America is on Stolen land crimes of murder rape lies thieft genocide Sep 03, 2022
244 mazatl t. anaheim, ca decolonize the colony petition no colonists name is good for anaheim high schooll anaheim is gabrileno tongva lands Sep 03, 2022
243 MAZATL T. Anaheim, Ca decolonize the colony petition anahaeim Sep 03, 2022
242 Moria M. San Jose, California It is painful to me that we, who have inherited this legacy of abuse and genocide, have not acted to remove these bells. The tribes should not have to request this -- I long for all of us who live here to insist on the removal of these markers. Aug 07, 2022
241 Herbert Kenneth C. San Francisco, California I suffer with tinitis, hearing. Smelt the m.bells. Aug 03, 2022
240 Holly H. Morgan Hill, CA We should not celebrate genocide. Take then down. Jul 27, 2022
239 David and Jan M. Santa Cruz, CA This should be very simple to do and happen quickly. We cannot possibly be a state that celebrates slavery and killing Jul 25, 2022
238 Susan S. San Jose, CA Jul 20, 2022
237 Ann H. Morgan Hill, CA Jul 20, 2022
236 Glynda C. Sebastopol, CA Yes, please take down these bells! Jul 06, 2022
235 Greg C. Santa Cruz, CA Thank you. Jul 01, 2022
234 junice t. oakland, ca Jun 01, 2022
233 Summer H. San Diego, CA May 14, 2022
232 Santos R. Temecula, Ca May 12, 2022
231 Monica P. Valley center, CA May 11, 2022
230 Azucena G. San Diego, CA May 11, 2022
229 Alyssa R. Temecula, CA May 11, 2022
228 Cruz R. El Cajon, CA May 11, 2022
227 Juan J. El Cajon, CA May 11, 2022
226 Alexandro V. Chula Vista, CA May 11, 2022
225 Christopher N. San Diego, CA May 11, 2022
224 David S. Ramona, CA May 11, 2022
223 Jay S. Ukiah, CA May 11, 2022
222 Noel M. San Leandro, CA May 11, 2022
221 Rachel C. San Diego, CA May 11, 2022
220 Brenda V. Oakland, CA May 04, 2022
219 Eloise G. Oakland, CA May 02, 2022
218 Renee M. Santa Clara, CA Apr 29, 2022
217 Cynthia T. G. Oakland, CA Apr 27, 2022
216 Talitha a. Oakland, CA Apr 27, 2022
215 Raul M. King city , CA I love all my indigenous people.. no one deserves that constant reminder of pain . Apr 24, 2022
214 Yessenia A. King city , Ca Apr 24, 2022
213 Rose A. Aptos, CA Apr 21, 2022
212 Carol S. Aptos, CA Apr 19, 2022
211 Pat S. Oakland, Ca Apr 18, 2022
210 Robert Z. San Luis Obispo, CA Apr 18, 2022
209 SARAH H. San Francisco, CA Apr 18, 2022
208 Gretchen G. Oakland, CA Apr 18, 2022

When the Mission Bells Rang — A children's book written by Judith Scott in consultation with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. Available now in print and PDF versions!

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