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Dear Governor Newsom and members of the California State Legislature:

We urge you to pass legislation to remove all of the “El Camino Real” mission bell markers from state highways and other lands within the jurisdiction of the state of California. As symbols of the domination and enslavement of Indigenous peoples in the California mission system, these bells do not belong on public display.

El Camino Real bell markers were installed over the past century to boost tourism and promote a fanciful, inaccurate and racist interpretation of mission history. Towering above public roads traveled by millions of Californians, these painful monuments glorify the Spanish mission system that sought to eliminate Native American cultures, spiritual practices and ways of life.

California’s missions led directly to the deaths of about 100,000 Indigenous people and were places of immense suffering and rampant abuse. Today’s California tribes that survived the missions—and subsequent Mexican and American colonization—continue to experience the impacts of historical trauma and most remain landless within their own territories.

Please honor the requests of tribal leaders by requiring that Caltrans, California State Parks, and other state agencies take immediate action to remove these harmful bell markers from public property. As a step towards addressing the damage caused by California’s legacy of installing and maintaining these symbols, please establish a process for consulting with tribal representatives regarding new truth-telling historical markers, signs and other initiatives honoring California’s Indigenous peoples.

Upon signing this petition, an email will be sent to Governor Newsom’s office.

Latest Signatures
1,578 Ma'ila G. Tampa, FL Apr 18, 2024
1,577 Rebecca E. San Francisco, CA please remove these symbols of Native Californians' genocide Apr 18, 2024
1,576 Barbara M. Pasadena, CA Apr 04, 2024
1,575 Gina S. Orange, CA. Jan 28, 2024
1,574 Lisa Jo L. North hollywood, CA Jan 28, 2024
1,573 Quas S. Anaheim , 92805 Jan 27, 2024
1,572 Diana G. Anaheim, CA Jan 25, 2024
1,571 Isaiah V. San Jancito, Ca Cahuiil nation stands with you all Jan 22, 2024
1,570 Javaughn M. Ca It is in our time to change these bells, we will witness this be gone the missions for ever.!... Jan 22, 2024
1,569 Angela E. Ca Outrages with these bells Cal trans what's taking you so long. Jan 22, 2024
1,568 Michael L. Santa Ysabel, Ca Rise the voices of the original people's before colonization of the Californians invation bear flag. Jan 22, 2024
1,567 Shasta G. Pala, Ca We stand with all the tribes in the state of California to remove them completely from public view because for what it stands for when the first colonists arrival from Europe. Jan 22, 2024
1,566 Lovina R. Anza, Ca There's always time to change history correctly, it's not to late,remove them all. Jan 22, 2024
1,565 Ralph G. Campo, Ca Remove them. Jan 22, 2024
1,564 Michael G. Ca Jan 22, 2024
1,563 Robert P. Alpine, Ca Remove them ! Jan 22, 2024
1,562 Andre S. Covina, Ca Jan 22, 2024
1,561 Sanonne G. Los Angeles, Ca Get rid of these colonists bell and put them in a museum, thank you. Jan 22, 2024
1,560 Christina C. Ca Jan 22, 2024
1,559 Robert D. Bellflower, Ca Jan 22, 2024
1,558 Charles A. West Hills, Ca Jan 22, 2024
1,557 Matias B. San Juan Capistrano , Ca Jan 22, 2024
1,556 Gwendolyn P. Remove them change the colonists narratve. Jan 22, 2024
1,555 Anthony M. San Gabriel, Ca Jan 22, 2024
1,554 Sam Z. Jan 18, 2024
1,553 Stephanie M. Anaheim , California Jan 18, 2024
1,552 Denise V. Lakewood , Ca Jan 17, 2024
1,551 Andrei L. San Francisco, CA Jan 16, 2024
1,550 elvis R. Norco, CA Jan 14, 2024
1,549 Latif H. Alameda, Ca I am American citizen and I am a African braught here from America by what white American anglo Saxons Colonists and we support this request to Governor Newsome to Remove these Camino Real Bells from Public view and we stand in solidarity with the Native Americans of the the state of California, just how African American where enslaved we now know what these bells represents to Native Americans en Jan 14, 2024
1,548 Ethan P. Fullerton , CA Jan 13, 2024
1,547 Veronica P. El monte, Ca Jan 13, 2024
1,546 Gustavo D. Westminster, California Jan 13, 2024
1,545 Julia A. Westminster, CA Jan 13, 2024
1,544 Ayden M. Irvine, 92620 Jan 13, 2024
1,543 Emmanuel A. Anaheim , Ca Jan 13, 2024
1,542 Denus N. Anaheim, Ca Jan 13, 2024
1,541 Jason W. Cerritos, CA Jan 11, 2024
1,540 Burlin S. Anaheim, Ca Remove these colonists El Camino mission terrorits bells. Jan 10, 2024
1,539 Richard P. Anaheim , California Jan 07, 2024
1,538 Diana C. Los Angeles , CA La Lucha Sigue Jan 07, 2024
1,537 Julian C. Anaheim, California Give us all freedom Jan 06, 2024
1,536 Ernesto T. Fullerton , Ca Jan 06, 2024
1,535 Steve W. Anaheim, CA Jan 06, 2024
1,534 Alejandro V. Anaheim , Ca Let's renew our native American history including the indigenous mexcan Natives of Mexico, and there stucknwithbsobmu hbj formation and costumes here's a great example. CHIMASHBPEOPLE ARE SO WONDERFULL BUT THE NEW FE RATIONS DONT QANT TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT OR DONT WANT TO KNOW ANYTIING ABOUT YHERE HISTORY AND THAT MAKES ME FU KING SAD AKD MAD. WE NEED IT PASS THE OLD TEACHINGSNTO NEW GENERATIONS. Jan 05, 2024
1,533 Andres A. Anaheim , Ca Jan 05, 2024
1,532 Alan G. Anaheim, CA Jan 04, 2024
1,531 Mazatl T. Hutuhkna , Ca By removing these bells we can heal. Murals and also by removing united states of america and the new world order the world would be better and we need to get rid of these colonists or white supremecist kkkolonists colonizers colonialisam bells. It's the correct thing to do . We California natives or natives in the Americas have been done wrong and we need to execute them now we demand! Jan 03, 2024
1,530 Russell M. Texas It's time we get land back the Texas Camino Real Tejas trail! Jan 01, 2024
1,529 Lissette O. Anaheim, CA Dec 31, 2023

When the Mission Bells Rang — A children's book written by Judith Scott in consultation with the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. Available now in print and PDF versions!

"Instruments of Colonization" Podcast Check out this special 25-minute podcast episode about El Camino Real bells from Challenging Colonialism podcasts. Available free at Apple Podcasts, other podcast platforms, or as a mp3 at Indybay.

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